Maimon, Dr.O.M.D, PhD Yair

Treating the shen and psychological disorders

This presentation deals primarily with something which we often see in the clinic, that is, psychological problems such as depression, anxiety, and phobia. In effect patients come to us various manifestations of their suffering which is not physical.
In Chinese medicine there is an inherent understanding of the body mind and spirit as a single unity which is directed by the heart and the shen.
In Ling Shu Chapter 8 it says: "For every needling, the method is above all not to miss the rooting of the spirit". This is a vital message for every practitioner of TCM but what is the best way to "root the spirit"? 7 emotions, 5 wills, 3 Hun Shen And Po give us clues to diagnose and treat what we define as psychological disorders.
Clinical cases new approach to diagnosis and a clinical decision making process which analyzes the "Rooting of the Spirit" will be presented.
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