Birch, Dr. Stephen

Of Needles and Pins - A Workshop on Japanese Acupuncture

This will be a practical hands-on workshop showing how we can use simple needling methods in various strategical approaches to create change in our patients at both a root (qi circulatory-meridian balancing) level and at a branch (symptom relief) level. The needling methods of Japanese acupuncture are usually experienced by the patient as light, comfortable and relaxing. The effectiveness of these light and easy techniques comes through use of palpation diagnosis, refined palpation for accurate point location and palpation feedback to assess effectiveness and adequacy of treatment. The workshop will thus cover these various palpation skills, needling skills and a variety of strategical approaches for achieving the goals of the root and branch treatments focusing especially on practical applications of meridian theory. Participants will have patient-friendly practical tools that can be applied immediately in clinical practice regardless of the usual style of treatment they employ.Anzahl: 2 DVD's
DVDDVD 420 min
Jahr: 2007
ISBN: D_TCM07_01
Sprache: Englisch

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