Birch, Dr. Stephen

On Heat and Warmth - A Workshop on Japanese Moxibustion

This will be a practical hands-on workshop that will focus on teaching two typical Japanese moxibustion methods: the direct moxa approach of "okyu", small grains of moxa using the yellow-pure moxa wool, and 'Chinetsukyu", larger cones of moxa using the semi-pure grade moxa. The okyu method is the most common form of moxa used in Japan. There is a highly specialized body of literature about ist use. It is principally used as a treatment method for stimulating points to relieve symptoms, but can be used in relation to a "root" treatment approach. The techniques, precautions, contraindications of okyu, and basic treatment approaches will be covered, including ho to perform both root and branch treatments. The chinetsukyu method, or warm moxa method can be used to drain or supplement qi. It is very useful as a simple effective supplementation method. The techniques and basic uses of chinetsukyu will be covered. Participants will have practical tools that can be applied immediately in clinical practice regardless of the usual style of treatment they employ.

Stephen Birch LicAc (USA), PhD has practiced Japanese style acupuncture exclusively since 1982. He has co-authored a number of books on the subject, two of which are available in German. He first studied in Japan with Yoshio Manaka, and then with Japanese Meridian Therapists, including and especially senior instructors in the Toyohari Association, a unique style of Japanese Meridian Therapy. He practices and teaches Meridian Therapy, especially the Toyohari system and the Manaka system. He teaches in various locations around Europe including Germany, Switzerland, Holland, UK, Spain. He runs the Japanese Acupuncture Center in Amsterdam where he practices with his wife Junko Ida.

Stephen Birch will also do a short speech at the plenum on the Saturday morning, the title is:

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