Mitchell, Craig E.

Kongress Rothenburg 2008 - The treatment of psycho-emotional disorders using the Shang Han Lun

The treatment of psycho-emotional disorders using the Shang Han Lun
First Class is for Advanced students:
The Shäng Hán Lùn is a classic work of Chinese herbal medicine, which serves as the foundation for
many elements of the modern practice of this medicine. Many conditions that are represented in the
text appear to have no direct analog in the modern clinic, but this perception is incorrect.
An example of the richness of the information in the Shäng Hán Lùn is in the area of psycho-emotional
disorders. The text contains a great deal of information about psycho-emotional disorders and the
suggested treatments can be very effective. Although the disorders in the source text are described
using terms that may be unfamiliar to the modern clinician, these traditional concepts can be used as
a window into the treatment of many biomedically-defined diseases. The symptom categories that can
be found in the text include sleep disorders, speech disorders, vexation and agitation, heart-spirit
disorders, mania, movement disorders, fright, taciturnity, forgetfulness, and mental clouding. We will
explore these conditions through an analysis of the source text and discussions of both modern and
pre-modern cases.Diese Aufnahme besteht aus 2 DVD's.
DVDDVD 360 min
Jahr: 2008
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