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Kongress Rothenburg 2008 - Treating and diagnosing trauma in children

Treating and diagnosing trauma in children
When we look at a child we see the end result of 5 stages: before heaven, conception, prenatal, birth
and early childhood. Diseases especially chronic and unexplained problems such as autoimmune
diseases, epilepsy, asthma, dermatitis and even unusual crying can be rooted at this stages.
Therefore especially in our days when many artificial interventions ( IVF, Hormones, medication, early
delivery, cesarean, forceps, Infant formulas, immunization)are so common and all can potentially
cause trauma to the Jing, Shen, extra-meridians and the ZangFu.
It is important to understand, diagnose and explore the treatment option of traumatic influences
referring to these stages.
For example: the state of the parents at time of conception, and their possible influence on the child :
age-effect on the kid-Jing which can be the basis for trauma such as fear; toxinsalcohol/
drugs/medications during conception- can result in toxins, unclear Shen, Hun weak Zhi and
Jing; the emotional mental state -such as in extreme case of rape or unwanted relationship – can
cause trauma and effect on the Jing-Shen and may result in Gui ( a topic which Sunsi Miao brought a
special insight to ).
There are few old texts which refer to the idealistic condition for the conception of the emperor, which
can both give inspiration and explain pathology arising from this very special moment.
Concepts, insights, diagnostical tools and treatment options all we be discussed with the aim of
inspiring a better clinical approach.
"Ease children's trauma and offer them life of happiness".Diese Aufnahme besteht aus 3 CD's.
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