Brand, Eric

Kongress Rothenburg 2008 - Maximizing the clinical efficacy of granule preparations (Teil 1)

Maximizing the clinical efficacy of granule preparations
Concentrated herbal extract powders (colloquially referred to as “granules”) offer patients a
convenient, customized option for Chinese medicinal therapy, and their widespread use has impacted
practitioners worldwide. In Asia, the prominence of granule extracts has given rise to a number of new
trends in terms of formula composition and dosage. Despite the widespread use of granules in the
West, many practitioners have not been exposed to these modern strategies and consequently remain
uncertain about how to dose and formulate prescriptions that are filled in granular form.
This lecture offers a brief survey of some of the emerging clinical approaches seen in Asia, and
explores the key issues surrounding granule prescription with regard to dosage, formulation, and
issues with minerals, gelatins, and other problematic medicinals.
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Jahr: 2008
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