Scott, Tuvia

Kongress Rothenburg 2008 - Abdominal acupuncture (Fu Zhen)

Abdominal acupuncture (Fu Zhen)
Abdominal acupuncture therapy is a micro-needling system similar to other micro systems such as
Auriculotherapy. Each specific area and point in the abdomen contains information corresponding to a
part of the whole human body. Each bodily region is compressed and is represented by a specific
The theory behind this new abdominal acupuncture system is that acupuncture needles are applied to
the abdominal meridian system, with the acupoint Shénquè (CV-8) at its centre. The acupoint
Shénquè at the embryological stage, has formed the cornerstone of all the macroscopic regulation of
the body. The Shénquè system is also responsible for the Qì communication between the meridians,
the auto regulation of blood vessels and therefore the body’s circulation.Diese Aufnahme besteht aus 5 CD's.
Audio CDAudio-CD 360 min
Jahr: 2008
Sprache: Englisch/Deutsch

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