Frühauf, Prof. Dr. Heiner

Vom Körperlichen zum Geistigen,

Tiefenaspekte der Funktionen der Akupunkturpunkte (Symbolanalyse der antiken Namen der Akupunkturpunkte)
Many modern TCM physicians remark that the once powerful art of acupuncture has lost much of its clinical efficacy and original sophistication. Only few master practitioners remain in China itself. ‘This is often blamed on rote memorization techniques in the present-day teaching of acupuncture point location, physiology, and treatment. Different to the field of herbal medicine, where detailed descriptions of single herbs and their alchemical interactions exist, the oral nature of acupuncture knowledge transmission makes for a comparatively flat textural record.
Prof. Frühauf will present some of the results of an ongoing research project at National College of Natural Medicine (NCCM), which is aimed at uncovering some of the deeper layers of acupuncture point information. This information is, in the words of Sun Simiao, contained in the traditional Chinese names oft the points. By bringing some of the “stories” of the points to light, the NCCM team intends to help restore some of the finer details of the art of acupuncture, but also bring a greater level of joy to the learning of acupuncture related data.
DVDDVD 180 min
Jahr: 2009
ISBN: A_TCM09_40
Sprache: Deutsch

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